WOD @theprogrm - 08. Januar 2018


Warm Up:

3 rounds of:

15m Forward lunges

15m Backward lunges

15m Forward crab walk

15m Backward crab walk

10 Banded good mornings


Strength / Skill work:


1. Find your daily 3RM

2. Drop down to 90% and do 2 more sets of 3



2 rounds:

2 min max DUs straight into max ub HSPU Scale = max ub Push ups

Rest 2 minutes

90 sec max KB swings straight into max ub TTB Scale = max ub Sit ups

Rest 2 minutes

1 min max DB thruster, 15/10kg, straight into max ub RMU Scale = 5-10 x 1 Ring row + 1 Ring dip

Rest 2 minutes



Bodybuilding focus

3x12-15 Biceps curls with empty barbell

3x12-15 Skull crusher

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