WOD @theprogrm - 10. Dezember 2017

Warm Up:

1000m Row


2 min each side Ankle mobility with KB

Then, with 20/15kg,

2x10 BS, slow down, fast up

2x10 BS, 3 sec pause in the bottom pos.

2x10 BS, one and a halves


Strength / Skill work:

Back Squat

1. Find your daily 3RM

2. Drop down to 90% and do 3 more sets of doubles



20 min AMRAP:

15/12 cal Row

12 C2B Pull ups Scale= Jumping C2B pull ups

12 Pistols Scale = 24 Air squats

12 HSPU Scale = Push ups

12 Box jumps, 20/24in

6 BMU Scale = Jumping BMU



Grip strength

Accumulate 3 min heavy KB hold


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