WOD @theprogrm - 07. Dezember 2017

Warm Up:

3 rounds of:

10x Roll from hollow into arch hold

3 Active shoulder opener, 10 sec hold at the top

10 sec Close grip hang


Strength / Skill work

Skill Development Handstand hold https://www.boxrox.com/getting-comfortable-upside-down/

3 rounds of:

1. 1x Wrist flow https://youtu.be/bisnUOmWj0s

2. 20 sec Top of the push up hold

3. Crow pose for as long as possible

Then practise 5 minutes:

1. Wall facing HSH plus pelvic tilts to experience balancing (see article)

Then 5 minutes to play with:

1. Partner assisted HSH plus pelvic tilts to experience balancing free standing



“Rowing Viola”

20 min AMRAP:

400m Row

11 Power snatch, 45/30kg

17 Pull ups Scale = Jumping pull ups

13 Power cleans, 45/30kg



Midline stability:

5 minutes rotate through:

10 sec L-Sit hold

10 Lying windshield wipers

20 Arch rocks

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