WOD @theprogrm - 29. November 2017

Warm Up:

3x1 minute Foot touch game


Snatch warm up, 30/25kg

2x5 BTN Snatch grip strict press

2x5 BTN Snatch grip push press

2x5 BTN Snatch grip push jerk with 3 sec pause in the receiving pos*

2x3 TnG Snatch pulls

2x3 TnG Muscle snatch

2x3 TnG Power snatch*


*3 sec pause in the catch


Strength / Skill work:

Snatch Pull + Power Snatch

1. Find your daily max in 1 snatch pull + 1 power snatch

2. Drop down to 70% and do 10 more sets of  1+1 but pause 3 sec in the receiving position of the power snatch



3 rounds for time:

500/450m Row


1st round: 15 TTB Scale = Knee to chest

2nd round: 15 HSPU Scale = Push ups

3rd rounds: 15 Pull ups Scale = Ring rows

1 min rest between rounds.


Time cap = 10 minutes



Bodybuilding focus

50 Bicep curls with empty barbell*

50 Floor press (bench press lying on the floor) with empty barbell*

*In as few sets as possible

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