WOD @theprogrm - 15. November 2017

Warm Up:

OHS warm up 20/15kg

10 OHS, slow down, fast up

10 OHS, 3 sec pause in the bottom

10 OHS, one and a halves



Snatch warm up, 30/25kg

2x3 Snatch pulls

2x3 Muscle snatch

2x3 Power snatch

2x3 Snatch


Strength / Skill work: Snatch

1. Find your daily max in 1 above the knee snatch + 1 below the knee snatch + 1 snatch

2. Drop down to 90% and do 3 more sets





Cleans, 60/42.5kg

Ring dips Scale = Ring push ups



Grip strength

Accumulate 3 min hang on the bar, vary active and passive hang

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