WOD @theprogrm - 12. November 2017

Warm Up:

FS warm up, 20/15kg

10 FS, slow down , fast up

10 FS, 3 sec pause in the bottom position

10 FS, one and a halves


Strength / Skill work:

Front Squat

1. Find your daily 5RM

2. Keep the weight and do 5 more sets of triples



With a 16-minute running clock:

Min 1: Max Shuttle runs (10m)

Min 2: Rest

Min 3: Max reps Pull ups Scale = Jumping pull ups Min 4: Rest

Min 5: Max DUs Scale = Single Unders

Min 6: Rest

Min 7: Max reps Pistols Scale = Air squats Min 8: Rest



Posterior chain strength

3x10 single leg DL with 1x KB Then

50 Banded Hamstring curls (double)

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