WOD @theprogrm - 01. November 2017

Warm Up:

3 rounds of:

15m Bear crawl forward

15m Bear crawl backward

15m Crab walk forward

15m Crab walk backward

10 Hip thrusters



Strength / Skill work:


1. Find your daily 3RM

2. Keep the weight and do 10x1. Pause 3 sec in the setup position making sure it is perfect - hamstrings loaded / back flat / lats engaged. You can’t drop the bar at the top but have to lower it down to the floor again.



17 min AMRAP

7 Power snatch, 50/35kg

10 HSPU Scale = Ring push up

7 Thruster, 50/35kg

10 Pull ups Scale = Ring rows



Bodybuilding exercises

3 rounds of:

6-8 DB Bicep curls

6-8 DB Skull crusher

8-12 DB Shoulder press

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