WOD @theprogrm - 20. Oktober 2017

Warm Up

3 rounds of:

10 Dislocates with PVC pipe

10 BTN Strict Press with PVC pipe

3x 10 sec Active shoulder opener


Strength / Skill work:

Strict Press

1. Find your daily 2RM

2. Drop down to 60% and do 20 reps with a 3 sec pause overhead



“Annie are you ok?”


Cal Row

Thrusters, 30/20kg

Medicine Ball Cleans, 9/6kg

Sumo Deadlift High-Pulls, 30/20kg

Wall Balls, 9/6kg



Time cap = 20 minutes



Grip strength

1 min hang on the bar

Rest 1 minute

Max time heavy KB hold

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