WOD @theprogrm - 12. Oktober 2017

Warm Up

OHS warm up, 20/15kg

10 OHS, slow down, fast up

10 OHS, 3 sec pause in the bottom

10 OHS, one and a halves


Snatch warm up, 30/25kg

2x5 Snatch pulls

2x5 Muscle snatch

2x5 Power snatch

2x5 Snatch


Main Part


1. Find your daily 1RM

2. Drop to 80% and do 20 snatches with a 3 sec pause in the bottom position.



All the Tabatas:

Tabata Pull ups Scale = Jumping pull ups

Tabata Push ups

Tabata Sit ups

Tabata DUs Scale = Single unders



Midline strength

Accumulate 2 min L-sit on parallettes

50 GHD Back extension