WOD @theprogrm - 20. September 2017

Warm Up:

27 Squats

Ankle mobility with KB*

15m Heel walk forward

Ankle mobility with KB

15m Heel walk backwards


*See video. Hold for 1 minute, then pull the KB up maintaining dorso flexion. Lift the foot off the box maintaining doros flexion actively as much as possible and hold for another 10 sec.


Strength / Skill work:

10-1 @ BW

Bench Press 

Bend over Barbell row



10 rounds for time:

21 DUs Scale = 42 Single unders

7 Ring Dips Scale = Ring push ups

7 Toes to bar Scale = Kipping straight leg to L-sit

7 One legged squats, alternating Scale = 14 Air squats


Time cap = 21 minutes




Calves, 2 min each side

Chest, 1 min each side