WOD @theprogrm - 30. August 2017

Warm Up:

500m Row


2 min KB ankle stretch on box + 1 min heel walk


40 Hollow rocks

40 Arch rocks


Strength / Skill work: KB Komplex 32/24kg (each arm or KB doubles)


5 Sets of:

5 Snatches 

5 Cleans

5 Swings



Gymnastic Conditioning:

9 min AMRAP for quality:

20m Shuttle run (place two cones 5m apart)

6 Butterfly pull ups Scale = Butterfly rhythm drill

6 Burpees



7 min AMRAP

Wallballs, 9/6kg 10/9ft


Straight into


1000m Row


Accessory (optional):

Unilateral focus

3 rounds of:

10 Lateral box step ups with KB (each side)

20 Alternating forward lunges with KB in goblet hold

10 Side lunges with KB in goblet hold