WOD @theprogrm - 23. August 2017

Warm Up

3 rounds of:

15m Bear crawl forward

15m Bear crawl backward

15m Crab walk forward

15m Crab walk backward

15 Shoulder dislocates with PVC pipe


Strength / Skill work:

Gymnastic Skill Development: Strict RMU

1. 3x 4-6 False grip RPU (Ring Pull Ups)

2. 3x 10 sec Top of the RPU hold in false grip

3. 3x 5 RMU transitions on the floor https://youtu.be/wCrX2cK7fIQ

4. 5x 1 eccentric RMU as slow as possible


Gymnastic Conditioning:

10 min EMOM:

Min 1: 2-4 strict RMU

Min 2: 40 DUs



10 min EMOM

Min 1: 4 Strict RPU or 3 RMU transition on the floor

Min 2: 60 Single Unders



16 min EMOM:*

Min 1: Cal Row

Min 2: Alternating DB Power snachtes 20/15kg

Min 3: BJO, 24/20"

Min 4: Push ups


*Goal is to have the same score each round.


Accessory (optional):

Unilateral focus

8 min AMRAP for quality:

15m KB OH walking lunges, left arm

15m KB OH walking lunges, right arm

15m KB Front rack walking lunges, left arm

15m KB Front rack walking lunges, right arm