WOD @theprogrm - 20. August 2017

Warm Up:

2 rounds of:

15m Inch worm

15m Forward bear crawl

15m Backward bear crawl

15m Forward crab walk

15m Backward crab walk

Strength / Skill work:

Strict Press

1. Find your daily 3RM

2. Drop down to 70% and do 30 reps with a 3 sec pause overhead.



8 min AMRAP:

8 OHS, 50/35kg

4 strict Pull ups Scale = Ring rows


Rest 2 minutes, then


8 min AMRAP:

8 SDHP, 50/35kg

4 strict HSPU Scale = HSPU with feet on box


Accessory (optional):

Bodybuilding exercises

3x10-12 Single arm triceps extension

3x12-15 Single arm shoulder press