WOD @theprogrm - 05. August 2017

Warm Up:

5 rounds of:

100m Run

10 Sit ups

10 Kipping swings (first 2 rounds)

5-10 Kipping pull ups (second 3 rounds)

Power Snatch warm up, 40/35kg

2x5 Snatch pull

2x5 Power snatch

2x5 Deep power snatch


Strength / Skill work:

Power Snatch

1. Find your daily 2RM power snatch. Drop the bar after each rep.

2. Drop down to 80% and do 20 power snatch with a 3 sec pause in the receiving position



12 min AMRAP of:

200m run

8 Toes-to-bar

4 Bar Muscle-ups


Accessory (optional):

Posterior Chain Strength


3x 1 min Banded Good mornings

3x 40 Arch rocks