WOD @theprogrm - 27. Juli 2017

Warm Up:

27 Squats


15m Forward walking lunges

15m Backward walking lunges

10 Shoulder external rotations right *see video

10 Shoulder external rotations left


Strength / Skill work:

Front Squat

1. Find your 2RM

2. Drop down to 80% and do 5 more sets of doubles with a 2 sec pause in the bottom position



3 rounds for time:

30/20 cal Assault Bike *Substitute Row

10 Bar facing Burpees

As many unbroken Strict press as possible, 30/20kg

Rest 3 minutes.


Accessory (optional):

Shoulder prehab

3x8-12 Cuban Barbell rotations

3x6-8 KB bottom up press