WOD @theprogrm - 24. Juli 2017

 Warm Up:

1 mile Run

OHS warm up, 20/15kg

10 OHS, 3 sec pause in the bottom

10 OHS, slow down, fast up

10 OHS, one and a halves


Snatch warm up, 30/25kg

2x5 Snatch pulls

2x5 Muscle snatch

2x5 Power snatch

2x5 Hang snatch


Strength/Skill Work:

Snatch Pull + Snatch

1. Find your daily max in 1 snatch pull + 1 snatch



“Squat Snatch Isabel”

For time:

30 Snatches, 60/40kg


Accessory (optional):

Grip + Midline strength

Tabata Rope/Ring/Bar hold

8x 20 sec on - 10 sec off dead hang


Tabata Rope/Ring/Bar hold

Top of the (ring) push up hold


*Perform 8 times 20 sec hang on a rope, rings or bar with 10 sec rest in between


Perform 8 times 20 sec top of the push up hold with 10 sec rest in between