WOD @theprogrm - 23. Juli 2017

Warm Up:

400m Run


3 rounds of:

10 FS

10 OHS

10 Strict press




Strength / Skill work:

Thruster (from the rack)

1. Find your 2RM

2. Drop down to 50% and do 30 thruster for time.



4 min AMRAP of:

4 BMU Scale = Jumping C2B Pull up

8 Air squats


Rest 4 min, then


2 min AMRAP of:

Push ups


Straight into


2 min AMRAP of:

Toes to bar Scale = Sit ups


Accessory (optional):

Rotational focus

50 (total) half kneeling WB throws (Face with your side to the wall, the leg further away from the wall is kneeling and throw the WB like a rugby pass against the wall)