WOD @theprogrm - 07. Juni 2017

Warm Up:

3 rounds of:

15m Forward bear crawl

15m Backward bear crawl

15m Inch worm

15 Scapula pulls

15m Waiter walk, left

15m Waiter walk, right


Strength / Skill work:

Gymnastic Strength:

5 rounds for quality:

10-20sec Top of the pull up hold

20-30sec Wall facing HS hold

30sec Hollow hold

10-20sec Top of the ring row hold

30sec Arch hold

30sec Top the push up hold


Gymnastic Conditioning

9 Min AMRAP:

3 Wall climbs

6 Pull ups Scale = Ring rows

9 Burpees




5 rounds, 40 sec on - 20 sec off

1: Max cal AD

2: Max WB, 9/6kg, 10/9ft

3: Max TTB Scale = Abmat sit ups

4: Max Push ups


Rest 1 minute at the end of all 4 exercises.



Accessory (optional):

Unilateral focus

3x10-12 step ups left, 20in, tempo 3-1-x-1

3x10-12 step ups right, 20in, tempo 3-1-x-1