WOD @theprogrm - 03. Juni 2017

Warm Up:

6 min AMRAP of:

15m Forward bear crawl

15m Backward bear crawl

15m Inch worm

15m Forward crab walk

15m Backward crab walk


Strength / Skill work:

1. Bench press

1.1 Build up to a heavy set of 6

1.2 Drop down to 80-90% and do 4 more sets of 6.

In between sets perform 5 close grip chin ups (ring rows) straight into 30 sec hollow hold.




200 DUs

100 Sit ups

80 KB swings, 32/24kg

60 WB, 9/6kg, 10/9ft

40 Pull ups

20 Wall climbs

100 cal AB


Time cap = 30 minutes


Accessory (optional):

Shoulder stabilising exercises

DB Cuban rotations: 3x8-10

Bottom up KB press: 3x8-10