WOD @theprogrm - 28. April 2017

Warm Up (10 minutes):

3 rounds for quality

10 Shoulder Dislocates with PVC pipe

10 FS with an empty bar

10 Strict Press with an empty bar


Main Class (40 minutes)

Skill Development kipping HSPU

Go through from 1-5:

1: HS hold: 5x20 sec

2: HS hold with lowering over 3 sec into headstand: 10x

3: HS hold lowering down into headstand with tucked in legs aka bottom position of the HSPU: 10x

4: Assisted HSPU: 10x

5: HSPU: 3x max reps ub (do not crush down on your head)



15 Thrusters, Rx 60/45kg

21 SDHP, Rx 60/45kg

12 Thrusters, Rx 60/45kg

15 SDHP, Rx 60/45kg

9 Thrusters, Rx 60/45kg

9 SDHP, Rx 60/45kg


100 TTB

*Scale knee to chest / abmat sit ups

Time Cap 15 minutes.


Accessory (10 minutes):

Unilateral work - Pistol progressions

Start with: 90 sec loaded ankle stretch.


Then: 2 x 5 rounds, “pistol three cone compression”.


Then: 2x10 alternating pistols

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