WOD @theprogrm - 26. April 2017

Warm Up (10 minutes):

1. OHS warm up

1.1 10 OHS, slow down - fast up

1.2 10 OHS, 3 sec pause in the bottom

1.3 10 OHS, one and a halfs

2.Snatch warm up from the hang

2.1 2x5 Snatch pulls

2.2 2x5 Power Snatch with a 3 sec pause in the receiving position

2.3 2x5 Snatch


Main Class (40 minutes)


1. Hang Snatch from below the knee

1.1 Build to a daily 3RM

1.2 Do ten additional snatch singles at the weight 3RM weight but with a three seconds pause in the bottom- and top position. If you take a step forward, back, forget the pause or outright fail a lift the rep does not count and you have to do ten bar facing burpees over the bar as punishment.

*Scale to Hang Power Snatch for beginners



15 min AMRAP - in pairs, split as you like:

2000m row

100 DUs

50 WBs, 9/6kg, 10/9 foot

25 Burpees


Accessory (10 min):

1. Posterior chain strength

1.1 100 Good mornings with an empty bar bell