WOD @theprogrm - 21. April 2017

Warm Up (10 minutes):

1. 3x10 hip hinges with a PVC pipe on the back

2. 27 good mornings


Main Class (40 minutes)


1. Deadlift

1.1 Do 3x10 DL at 40/35kg, tempo 3-0-1-1, focus on straight back, eyes ahead and lifting from the legs, not the back

1.2 Find your daily 10RM (the 10th rep still has to be technically ace)

1.3 Drop down to 90% and do 3 more sets of 10



Barbell cycling - focus on smooth and efficient movement

1. TNG Power clean: 3x12, Rx 50/35kg

2. TNG Power clean: 3x9, Rx 60/40kg

3. TNG Power clean: 3x6, Rx 70/50kg

4. TNG Power clean: 3x3, Rx 80/60kg

1 min rest between sets


Accessory (10 min):

Midline work - 5 rounds for quality

20 Hollow rocks

20 Arch rocks

20 Side plank, hip up and downs each side

30 sec rest