WOD @theprogrm - 20. April 2017

Warm Up (10 minutes):

7 min AMRAP for quality

10 Scapula pulls

10 Shoulder Dislocates with PVC pipe

10 Single arm DB press (10 each side)


Main Class (40 minutes)

Skill Development Handstand hold / walk

Go through from 1-5:

1: Push up in perfect hollow body position: 5x5

2: Wall walk into wall facing HS hold: 5x1+20 sec hold

3: Wall walk into wall facing HS hold + 10 shoulder tabs: 5x1+10 tabs

4: Wall walk into wall facing HS hold + walk 2m forward: 5x

5: Kick up into HS facing away from the wall + 20 sec hold: 5x

6: Freestanding HS hold practise





Squat cleans, Rx 70/50kg

Time Cap 15 minutes.

*Scale to knee to chest / abmat sit ups and power cleans


Accessory (10 minutes):

Unilateral work - Step ups

Lateral step ups:5x10 each side, tempo 3-1-1-1