WOD @theprogrm - 12. April 2017

Warm Up (10 minutes):

1. General warm up for hip and ankles

2. General overhead mobility warm up


Main Class (40 minutes):

Skill Development Kipping Pull ups

First do all 1., then 2.,...

1. Kipping swings: 5x10

2. Top of the pull up hold: 5x10-20 sec

3. Kipping pull ups: 5x max unbroken kipping pull ups, 90 sec rest in between

Don’t rip your hands!

*Scale to 5x max unbroken ring rows



5 rounds for time:

15 Thruster, Rx 40/35kg

15 TTB

Time Cap 20 minutes.

*Scale to DB thruster and knee to chest / abmat sit ups


Accessory (10 minutes):

Unilateral work - Lunges

3 rounds for quality

1. 30m Forward walking lunges, 1 KB in front rack in 1 hand

2. 30m Backward walking lunges, 1 KB in 1 hand next to the body

3. 30m Forward walking lunges, 1 KB in overhead hold