WOD @THEPROGRM - 4. April 2017

Warm Up (10 minutes):


Skipping practise


1) 100 Single Unders, double foot, single foot, focus on relaxed arms, wrists and good rhythm

2) 100 Double Unders, or alternating single/double unders for those who don’t have DUs yet

3) 30 Triple Unders for those who are already ace in DUs


Main Class (40 minutes)



Skill Development Kipping Pull ups


1) Tabata hollow rocks / arch rocks:

2) Accumulate 1 min bar hang

3) Warm up kipping pull ups

4) Kipping pull ups: 3x max unbroken kipping pull ups, 1 min rest in between*


* Make sure you don’t rip your hands.

**Scale to ring rows



20 min EMOM

Min 1: AMRAP strict HSPU (scale seated DB overhead press )

Min 2: Max cal Row

Min 3: AMRAP Wall Walks

Min 4: AMRAP Burpees


Accessory (10 minutes):

Unilateral work - Pistols development


4 rounds: (1 round is left and right leg. First do left leg top and bottom, then right leg top and bottom)

20 sec on - 20 sec off:

Top Pistol hold (straight leg out in-front while standing)

Bottom Pistol hold (foot should be off the floor)

Then: 3x10 alternating pistols

*Scale to sit 5 minutes in the bottom of the squat for those who can’t do pistols